Himeji Castle – Japanese Castles

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导航 旅行

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Himeji Castle – Japanese Castles

Photo collection of Himeji Castle. You can learn about Himeji Castle by looking at photographs taken by a castle cameraman.
Points to look at can be checked by goody maps linked with photographs.
Guiding function used inside the castle is also available for those who visit the site.
Walking in Himeji Castle

Checking 80 points in Himeji Castle

You can find out 80 checkpoints to look at in Himeji Castle as a castle fan by photographs.
You can see the way the castle keep used to be even in the restoration period of the main keep.

* Convenient tool for castle touring showing the features through the camera as if it was a world camera when used at the site.

* Keep of Himeji Castle is currently under restoration limiting the number of tourist in the castle entrance.

Looking up the main keep

You can look up the keep of Himeji Castle by moving iPhone from right to left or up and down shows the lofty main keep of Himeji Castle. Let’s feel its large scale!
Photo library

Photographs capturing the brave figure of Himeji Castle. Pressing the map button may show the shooting site when you have a photo you are interested in as it links to “Walking in Himeji Castle”.You can also see the photos at special exhibition.

Photo by Yasuyuki Oka (Oshiro Meguri Fan)