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娱乐 摄影与录像

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With Filtermatic, you select a photo from your Camera Roll, and then watch the app automatically generate 150 enhanced, filtered, images.

Watch your average photos instantly become: unique, vivid, colorful, bright, innovative, shocking, interpretive, enticing, captivating, works of your personal art. Then pick which of the 150 automatically generated enhanced photos you like. If you want, you can also pinch, spread, move, and annotate the high resolution image. It’s very simple to use.

Then amaze your friends by showing them your newly acquired artistic prowess by sharing the photo directly from the app to: Facebook, Twitter, SinaWeibo, or Email, (knowing all you did was push the button, and the app made your masterpiece). You can use the app to download images from the Internet into your Camera Roll, and filter them.

The app is localized into the following languages: English, Norwegian, French, German, Japanese, Hindi, Indonesian,
Portuguese, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.

If the device you are using has a iOS version older than 6.0, or if you are using an older device, you may only get to see some of the effects.