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“CalcNote” is an amazing calculator and note combined application.

“CalcNote” can be used for as many purposes as you want such as home budgeting, personal expense planning, allowance, shopping list, etc.

You can share CalcNote’s file with spreadsheet application in your PC (with CSV format exporting in mail attachement) or directly share with other CalcNote users freely.

* main features
-Calculation input can be a number or numbers with operators eg.) 6500, 500+300-2
- Printing function (support AirPrint in iOS 4.2)
- Bar/Line Graph function (for Note or Folder)
-Row calculation is changeable as an addition, a subtraction, a multiplication, a division or a
calculation skip)
-Rows can be reordered freely.
-Note files can be grouped by multi-depth folders and user can check each folder’s total sum.
-User can move (or delete) multiple-notes to a specific folder.
-User can lock each folder by password.
-Note backup and sharing with e-mail
-Full rotation mode and design skin view (natural / white) support.
-IPhone4 retina display support for all graphics.