Longman Dict of 100000 Words EC/CE (Simp)

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Longman Dict of 100000 Words EC/CE (Simp)

Longman Dictionary of 100,000 Words is designed to meet the needs of learners of English and Chinese and it has the following features.

* 100,000 words and phrases, surpassing all dictionaries of comparable lengths.
* Chinese translations used in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
* 5,000 new words and terms.
* Numerous terms used in commerce, computer, economics, law, literature, pure science and other fields.
* The voice data includes both British and American English pronunciations.


* 100,000单词和短语,超过所有同等大小的词典。
* 可适用于中国大陆、台湾、香港等地区的中文翻译。
* 5,000个最新词语和专业术语。
* 大量用于广告、计算机、经济、法律、文学、纯科学和其他领域的专用术语。
* 语音数据包括英式和美式发音。

More information is available on our Dejizo site in 2 languages.
-English http://dejizo.jp/iPhone/l-ec2.html
-简体中文 http://dejizo.jp/iPhone/l-ecs2.html

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