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Photogotchi – Feed me pixels!

★★★★★ Photogotchi is a fun pixel-art game combined with a Tamagotchi for bitcowboys and everyone else who wants play a new type of hybrid game! ★★★★★

Photogotchis are 8-bit creatures, distant relatives of the Tamagotchis, who decided to also send their young to Earth to retrace their cousins’ footsteps. Their diet is made out of 100% delicious pixels — but sometimes they steal apples too! Feed them photos and watch them grow larger and crazier!

:: Turn your photos into stunning pixel-art images, live!
:: Share your arcade-like photos with your friends
:: Adopt & play with your very own 8-bit virtual pet!
:: Grumpy, witty or friendly Photogotchis. Which one will you get?
:: Unlock game achievements to grow your Photogotchi!
:: Test your reflexes with the Feed Me mini-game
:: Pixelize everything: real life photos, skecthes, streeat-art and more
:: 5 amazing 8-bit effects
:: Live preview [no, really!] pixel viewer, no converting time
:: Pixelize yourself: make cool pixel-art avatar series

Coming real soon:

:: Team Red / Team Blue / Team Green – challenge other Photogotchi owners and see which team gets ahead!

Lots of exciting possibilities!

Photogotchi is a Pangalaktik App Campus project:
✍made with by a multicultural, global team.


Tamagotchi and other associated logos and images are trademarks of Bandai Co., Ltd.