Totoya Creatures

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Totoya Creatures

★★★★★ Totoya Creatures defines a brand new category by combining iPad kid-apps with soft toys. ★★★★★

Cheers to new friends from all around the world! Konnichiha Japan, olá Brasil, hej Denmark, salut France, székely iDeszkások szevasztok! Yippie ki-yay!

Turn your iPad/iPhone into an ultimate toy for your kids. Such a great fun, even for toddlers, that you won’t believe your eyes. Let your kids take a great journey into the world of touch and voice-controlled games!


· musical qualities
· sense of rhythm
· touch controls (tap, pan, pinch, swipe, hold)
· vocal & physical interactions


· eyes following fingers
· comb hair
· pinch to cyclops mode

Belly button (swipe belly to select)
· push’n'hold heartbeats
· funny speech processor
· lovely chimes & tunes
· pangalactic sound bank
· native alien talk

· extra fun when shaking or turning sideways
· gets bored after a while
· and many more to discover with your baby :)

Recommended ages: 0-6, 7-14, 15-99 (for real!)


Have a special interactive iPad-Cover-Plush-Toy-Pillow and meet these lovely creatures coming from a distant mysterious island!
· keeps your iPad/iPhone safe
· soft, child safe materials
· belly pocket for iPhone
· future proof concept with tons of ideas just about to come

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