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This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not show your actual heart.

NOTE: This app will not work unless you download and print the PDF target from:

HeartCam is an Augmented Reality heart viewer that creates the startling effect of seeing someone’s heart beating through a hole in their chest. The effect tracks to the marker’s position and size. As you view the open cavity from different angles, heartbeat sounds get louder the closer your device views the heart.

The HeartCam contains three modes. Tap the screen to reveal toggle buttons for additional viewing options: Horror, Valentine, X-Ray

Imagine if your friend had a hole ripped through their chest and you could see and hear their heart beating. Chilling blood and broken ribs frame the cavernous chest cavity appearing as if you can reach inside and tear their heart out!

Viewed through a dreamy window into the soul, share a classic, beating Valentine’s heart with the one you love.

Get in touch with your inner doctor. X-ray view is a medical/pharma illustration simulating a transparent view through the chest to reveal a more clinical, beating heart.

Gift this App to your sweetheart for Valentine’s day or favorite zombie VFX movie lover for Halloween. C’mon, have a heart!

Attach the provided Augmented Reality marker to a string to easily hang around your friend’s neck, or for the best effect, print the marker on an Iron-on transfer to make an AR t-shirt.

Place the printed marker in front of chest and view through device’s camera (only rear camera is available at this time)

Requires iPhone or iPad2

Some devices with heavy usage may require a restart to free memory. Do this by holding down top power button.