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iVIP Black

Luxury Discovery. VIP Treatment. Lifestyle Management. The world’s first premium lifestyle app.

iVIP Black is ‘The Millionaire’s App’, the exclusive, high-end version of iVIP.

Upon download, prospective iVIP Black members will be required to certify they are High Net Worth Individuals with assets and/or income in excess of £1 million.

iVIP members receive VIP treatment – extra-special experiences like complimentary upgrades, surprise gifts, welcome packages, exclusive rates, priority access, and other unique privileges – across iVIP’s global range of luxury partners and services.

They include an on-demand concierge, exclusive hotels and restaurants, butlers, theatres, personal trainers, private jets, personal styling… and much more.

Joining iVIP also allows access to member services like iVIP ‘Anything, Anywhere’ (our unique sourcing service) iVIP Apartment Rental, and the iVIP Watch Finding Service (rare or exclusive pieces).

iVIP partners are hand-picked. Each is specially selected by us. iVIP membership provides members with an exciting, exotic, worldwide luxury discovery engine.

iVIP is not a booking portal, not a gateway to thousands of hotels – it is a curated collection of the world’s finest brands, venues and services with unique, individually negotiated privileges for iVIP members at each and every one.

Partners include globally recognised brands such as Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, Virgin Limited Edition (Necker Island, The Lodge Verbier, and more) and Firmdale Hotels, as well as numerous boutique establishments.

iVIP partners and privileges are constantly being updated, increased, improved, and refined, ensuring your membership remains fresh and exciting. Plus, you can suggest partners you would like to see included.

Members get access to everything you’d expect – and more – from the world’s first luxury lifestyle app, including:

- Be treated like a VIP across our partner venues
- Benefit from unique VIP privilege rates with many of our partner services
- Receive complimentary room upgrades at luxurious hotels
- Take advantage of priority booking at premium restaurants
- Receive complimentary amenities at various partner venues
- Get priority access to unique events and experiences
- Access a concierge directly through the app
- Book private yachts, private jets, private islands, and more, directly through the application
- Receive invitations to exclusive VIP evenings
- Purchase the unique, limited edition iPhone

*Please note: These services come at additional cost.

You can access all of these partners and privileges directly from the app, bringing the VIP lifestyle to your phone/tablet for the first time. Many of these benefits are exclusive and unavailable through any other routes.

iVIP comes in four iterations:

iVIP Red is the free version of iVIP, allowing members to preview and sometimes sample the VIP treatment that comes with full membership.

iVIP City versions are for those looking for VIP Treatment in one specific city, whether resident or visitor. Current cities include London, New York, and St Petersburg (iVIP Russia), with Sydney, Paris, Shanghai, and others in development.

iVIP Blue is the mid-range version for those looking for VIP Treatment without the exclusive top-end services available to Black members.

iVIP Black, ‘The Millionaire’s App’, gives members full VIP treatment at all iVIP partner venues worldwide.

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