Awesome Me Photo Editor: pro effects & filters & frames, fast camera plus photo editor

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Awesome Me Photo Editor:  pro effects & filters & frames, fast camera plus photo editor

Awesome Me Photo Editor is an amazing new fully featured photo editor! Make yourself awesome, make your friends awesome, make the world around you look awesome.

Here are some of the amazing features:
√ Enhance any photo with one tap on the Magical Enhance filter.
√ More than 20+ beautiful frames
√ Adjust Brightness, Saturation and Contrast.
√ Momentarily share to Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, etc
√ Adjust Orientation, Crop and Sharpness, rotate, flip.
√ Red-Eye, Whiten and Blemish.
√ Add amazing stickers: Cap, Glasses, Crown and many more!

With only one click you can make ordinary photo Vintage, Dramatic B&W, Analog, Grunge, Sketch, 3-D, Color Splashed, Tilt-Shifted and many more!

From today, Awesome Me Photo Editor is your best friend. A powerful photo editor which we created because we wanted a quick and easy way to edit our photos on the go with no fuss.

You want to retouch the photo you just snapped?
You want to add that special filter to make your photo stand out?
Awesome Me Photo Editor is here for you.

But what if you want to retouch a photo that one of your friends uploaded, lets say a month ago, on Facebook or Flickr or Instagram?
Well, with Awesome Me now you can. And the best thing is that once you played around and got an amazing retouched photo, you can share it in instant over these Social Networks and way beyond them.

Awesome Me is more than just your standard photo editor. Don’t believe us? Go ahead, download it and transform your friends in a Mariachi or into the “Incognito Guy” with just a few taps on the screen, then you may thank us.

- Memes? Yes, you can create them too.
- You want to frame a photo? Awesome Me has more than 20 frames and that number is only going to get bigger!

The words “user friendly” were on our minds throughout the process of development and the end product has a clean, simple and easy to use UI with a minimalist flat design mixed up a little with some other cool and funny design elements.

And the best thing of all? Awesome Me Photo Editor is totally free now and will be in the future. Sure it has some ads, but those are only to help us keep updating it and bringing new amazing features *smiley face!