Adminium for Minecraft, Bukkit and Forge Servers

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Adminium for Minecraft, Bukkit and Forge Servers

Adminium allows you to control your Minecraft server with Bukkit or BukkitForge from your iPhone. Have you ever gotten an annoying message from one of your players “Help! I am dying!” or “The server isn’t up!” but were unable to do anything about it?

Ever needed to run that one command, but you were days from being back at your computer?

Adminium is your solution.

Features include:
* Realtime console
* iPad support
* Manage multiple servers
* Control online players’ inventories, health, op status, kick or ban them, and more
* Power management (start/stop)
* Plugin management
* Real-time chat
* Edit all files on the server
* Offline player support
* Send messages privately to players
* View a map of the server, including player location
* View server settings
* View server statistics (player count, version, a lot more)
* show server memory usage
* Show disk usage
* Show lag % based on clock rate
* Create folders
* Rename files and folders
* Show and modify a player’s bank balance
* IDs are now shown in the player’s inventory if there is no picture to be shown
* Offline players can now be edited just like online players
* Add and remove players from groups
* All Minecraft versions supported!

Adminium does not work with Hamachi.