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摄影与录像 社交

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FILM TOGETHER – Vyclone creates multi angle videos with people filming around you – effortlessly!

“Vyclone is seriously one of the coolest apps I’ve ever tried out.” –Ryan Lawler /TechCrunch

“Vyclone is the Collaborative Video App We’ve Been Waiting For.” –Michael Carney /PandoDaily

“An almost instant multi-angle video of an event that you’ll swear was created by a professional video editor.” –Emily Price /Mashable

“It’s the most disruptive, fascinating, troubling, creative, delicious, innovation I’ve seen in years. This is a game-changer.” –Robert Freeman /MediaBizTech

“It’s not trying to be the Instagram of video, but Vyclone offers a fresh take on social video, by making the actual recording and editing more collaborative.” –Ryan Kim /GigaOM

“Vyclone is a richer, more interesting video than has ever before been available to everyday users. More importantly, it’s entirely effortless.” –Michael Carney /PandoDaily

“Vyclone is an app you’ll want to try the next time you find yourself shooting video on your iPhone” –Joanna Stern /ABC News

“Within a few minutes, Vyclone mashes the four videos together and spits out an equal-length clip using all of the different angles.” –Alyson Shontell /Business Insider

Friends, cameras, action

Now you can mix film taken on your iPhone with footage taken by other people filming the same events. Just shoot something with your friends; Vyclone does the rest. In a few moments it synchronizes and edits everyone’s clips to create one movie with all the angles cut together. You get the raw footage too. So if you like, you can remix it to make your own director’s cut. And when you’re happy with your masterpiece, Vyclone makes it easy to share. It’s filming genius.