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天气 工具

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★★★ Animated weather icons

WeatherLike provides animated weather icons so you can find the weather forecasting easier in a real time. You can see a rain dropping animated icon when it rains, and a snow flake falling when it snows.

★★★ Flying flags in the wind

It is easy to recognize a wind speed according to the different range of flying flag icons. It is also helpful to prevent any probable accidents because the icons change to the different design in order to alarm when it has a strong wind like hurricanes.

★★★ Wide spread umbrella in the raining.

Various states of the umbrella icons will show today’s raining chance.

★★★ Weather forecasting and current time at once!

It provides clock and weather screens so you can use it as an alarm clock with a cell phone holder.

★★★ features

- Shows Animated weather icons
- Provides clock screens
- Supports weather forecasting covered around 10 local areas concurrently.
- five day weather forecasting
- Current temperature, sensory temperature, highest temperature and lowest temperature, humidity, rainfall probability forecasting, wind speed, wind direction
- Options for between Fahrenheit and Celsius, mph or m/s