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A gift for all Japanese fans: NATIVE JAPANESE version available (hats off to Necojita for the Japanese translation).


THANKS EVERYONE for your great feedback!
There’s already a noise about 1:2-tone:
• app.itize.us: http://app.itize.us/wp/2010/12-tone/

“this is a very cool and simple photo manipulation app [...] elegant and simple design”

• applemania.pl: http://applemania.pl/2010/02/26/halftone-–-czarnobiale-po-polsku/
• CreativeApplications.net: http://www.creativeapplications.net/iphone/12-tone-iphone/
• The most popular Apple-related website in Poland: http://www.myapple.pl/czytaj.php?id=131304
• Matatabi Necojita’s website: http://necojarashi.blogspot.com/2010/02/12-tone.html
• FotoWiesci.pl website for Apple and photography geeks: http://fotowiesci.pl/12-tone/
…and more.


1:2-tone [=Halftone] can make your iPhone and iPod Touch even more stylish!

With just a few taps you can get appealing black&white patterns out of your favorite photos.

• Browse your Photos album and pick an image
• Zoom in or out and fit to the screen size
• Choose pattern type
• Choose pattern size
• Process your image
• Make a wallpaper
• Send by e-mail
• Attach to a contact in your Address Book (cropping tool now available to create square images)
• Copy to pasteboard to use in another application
• Have fun trying different pattern sizes.

1:2-tone remembers the recently viewed image and offers you a choice to re-open it upon the next launch of the application.

Share your stylish images with your friends and enjoy your new exceptional wallpapers.

Unlike many other similar applications, 1:2-tone does not require you to register to any web account or even to be connected to the Internet.

Remember – your feedback does matter: we encourage all users of our software to send comments and suggestions. We WILL apply your best ideas so you can have your favorite apps following your needs on a regular basis.

Download 1:2-tone now and you will get all upcoming enhancements for free!

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