PuriCamera2 purikura 大頭貼 스티커 사진

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商业 摄影与录像

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PuriCamera2 purikura 大頭貼 스티커 사진

Total sales ranking NO.1
(photography(purikura) category in Japan)

**Main functions**
- Possible to paint in a zoom state(400%)
- 228 kinds of brushes ranging from simple type to cute one
- 188 kinds of stamps ranging from cute illustration to story type one
- Glittering 23 kinds of rolling-stamps
- 2 kinds of frames
- Resize (available to designate pixels)
- Favorite size registration
- Undo / Redo
- In-app E-mail sending

**Possible to draw while increasing the size**
You can draw lines just as you intend without blurring, since it is possible to draw while increasing the size of photograph.

It is possible to resize by designating the number of pixels.
It is possible to register your favorite size on setting screen.

188 kinds of brushes ranging “from simple to cute” types.
Enjoy your painting mail activity by selecting your favorite tool from among stamps, frames and rolling-stamps.