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工具 摄影与录像

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QuickPhotos is a fantastic photo editing app which makes your photo beautiful. Add texts, pick artworks or apply filter on photo and share them with friends directly. You could add captions, quotes, poems, jokes or anything else you like. Finally share the more expressive and attractive photo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, save to camera roll or open in other apps.

Key Features:
* All texts and artworks could be resize, rotate, move, colorize with gestures.
* Powerful layer management for both text and artworks.
* 20+ beautiful fonts from the best designers in the world.
* 80+ artworks to choose.
* 10+ filters can be applied.
* Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email.
* Save to camera roll or open in other apps.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by quickapps.ios@gmail.com