Phone Tracker (手机号码追踪器)

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Phone Tracker (手机号码追踪器)

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true phone tracking functionality.


The most impressive phone tracker application on the market !

Prove to your friends that you can locate their phones, on any network, anywhere in the world!

• When you are with your friend, tell him (or her) that you have an application that can track his location anywhere in the world.
• Your friend doesn’t believe you. So enter his phone number (or select contact from your contact list) and press the Track button.
• The application will scan the world with a animation, and pinpoint his exact position (★ which is actually the GPS location of your iPhone! ★) on the map.
• Your friend is really surprised and starts to ask questions!

A cellular or Wi-Fi connection is required.