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娱乐 摄影与录像

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‘TegakiCamera’ is an application that adds the comment on a hand-written style to the image in the photograph and the album taking a picture with the camera.
The image with the comment can be easily made from iPhone.

- It can select from the album and twitpic preserving ahead.
- When up-loading it to twitpic, Post to Twitter is also possible.
- The number of characters and the font size of one line can be arbitrarily specified.
- Handwritten fonts can be selected for the 12.
- The character color can be freely specified by RGB value.
- The position of the comment can be changed.

iPod touch also does not include a camera, can be used to load a picture from an album.

Because a lot of comments on the version that did not display the advertisement had been sent, [yuu] fee version without the advertisement was prepared.