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摄影与录像 社交

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Look your best! Create the most flattering possible photo for Facebook, Twitter, or online dating sites.

Beautify will automatically find a face in a photo, detect its features, and give you an instant makeover:
• Smooths and tones skin
• Whitens teeth
• Improves lips
• Shapes eyebrows
• Lifts eyelids
• Improves facial symmetry

The amount of the adjustment can be set with a “beautify level” slider so you can see how your face would look at any level; you can choose anything from a minor perk-up to a full-blown face lift.

After it’s done, Beautify makes it easy to share the result:
• Save to photo roll
• Email
• Post to Facebook photos
• Update your Twitter status
• Optionally save Before and After photos to show your makeover results

Works for male or female, and for any age, race or skin color. Give it a try!

Please note that while the technology is advanced, it does require a good quality portrait photo to work properly. The photo should be taken full-face with eyes open and mouth closed – a gentle smile is OK! Aim for even lighting against a contrasting background. Glasses and facial hair are difficult to process, so set your expectations accordingly. The built-in demo shows what can be achieved when these guidelines are followed.