iX11 – X server

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iX11 – X server

A full X server display. Display X clients and desktops running on your *nix machine on your iPhone/iPod Touch. With this app you can remotely access Linux/Unix based servers graphically.

* 1024×768, full color X Window System display
* Completely translucent interface
* Flexible interface which allows for moving auxiliary keys conveniently around display
* Compatible with simple X clients such as xterm and xclock, along with full display managers like TWM, GNOME and KDE.
* Fully zoomable display, from 1:1 pixel to full screen.
* Mouse widget allows for easy dragging, just hold over respective left or right mouse button and tap with other finger in screen.
* Access auxiliary keys by tapping the “arrow key” icon. Move auxiliary window by dragging the blue circle around the screen.
* Tap the “info” icon to see recommended DISPLAY variable setting

Note: XDMCP support will be added in the following release along with international keymap support.

This is an unencrypted, non-tunneled X server. An SSH encrypted X server is integrated into iSSH. iX11 is a passive X server and is run in an equivalent manner to an X display set to “xhost +”

To view your *nix desktop on the iPhone, when using GNOME, set the display variable appropriately and type “gnome-session”. For KDE, type “startkde”