Little Rewards

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Little Rewards

Little Rewards is a family reward App.

The vision of Little Rewards is to change the parenting dynamic of one where parents battle to get children to complete basic household tasks, such as homework, getting ready for school or walking the dog, through to one where children are asking what else they can do.

Little Rewards accomplishes this through an innovative and fun, earn and burn, points for rewards system. As children complete chores they are awarded points. As they save points they can redeem the points for rewards… much like a credit card or frequent flyer reward program.

A really cool feature of Little Rewards is that it has both a parent and child parts:

- The child part of the App is designed to get children involved in the app – signing off tasks, requesting rewards, managing their goals and monitoring their progress. All in a child friendly fun and colorful interface.

- The parent side of the App is designed to administer the family’s program – managing tasks, rewards, other carers, and children’s requests for completed tasks or reward redemptions.

Little Rewards also educates children on the value of money, the concept of earning to receive and goal setting – something that the modern child no longer appreciates.

In Little Rewards children can redeem for anything anytime they want, however they can set one main reward as a saving goal. Once a goal is set, graphs show the child how close they are to achieving their goal. If the child chooses to redeem for something small then the graph retards, educating them that everything has a cost; that frivolous purchases slow their progress towards achieving their goal.