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娱乐 摄影与录像

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With Holo-Paint you can create awesome looking long-exposure photos with mesmerising floating holographic words and symbols.

To create your desired hologram, type in the text of your choice and adjust the settings as you see fit. Then begin the countdown. To cancel a countdown, double tap.

For cool looking long-exposure photos, when the countdown reaches zero begin to drag your iPad/iPhone through space to create a 3-Dimensional hologram of your chosen phrase. For a great picture, make sure you keep a steady pace.

With Holo-Paint you can also save your settings for use later. No need to readjust your settings everytime, just save and then reuse later on.

-Live Preview as you adjust settings
-Any phrase or message you want can be entered
-White balance setter built-in to help you control your shots
-Awesome looking holographic letters
-2D and 3D text can be drawn
-Audio Cue (Beeps when starting and finishing) (NEW)
-Suggested Exposure Time (NEW)
-Save your settings with a single tap!
-Unlimited number of saves (As many as will fit on your device)
-Simple, easy to use interface
-Huge Range of Adjustable Settings including:
Letter Depth
Letter Angle
Frame Rate
Text Colour
Text Font
Smoothness of letters
Text Height
Countdown Time
Repeat Count
Repeat Delay

Compatible with iPhone and iPad

*Please Note* Holo-Paint only displays a sequence of square-like lines. This app requires a camera capable of a long exposure in order to capture the holograms.

See the photos users have made at: http://flickr.com/groups/holopaint

Video Tutorial at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lf_PQvCTLSs