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Sinusoid is an 8 bit music tracker/sequencer sound toy. It has four channels, 2 sine, 1 square and 1 drum channel. Sound controls are attack, decay and tremolo. Other features are copy, paste, save and load. Sinusoid is inspired by retro games and old almost forgotten trackers…

Support for Akai Pro’s SynthStation25 keyboard controller is included. SynthStation25 delivers instant hardware control for improved performance capability and expression. For more information on SynthStation25, visit

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Version 1.6
+++ Improved export speed.
+++ change drum octave.

Version 1.5
+++ Sound file export function (.aiff).

Version 1.4
+++ Revised bpm tempo controls. Touch text field for number pad input.
+++ Song starts from beginning upon loading.

Version 1.3
+++ Compatible with Akai Synth Station 25.
+++ Improved bpm controls (*2, /2).
+++ Minor performance tweaks.

Version 1.2
+++ Playable keys.
+++ Record on/off.
+++ Choice of hd textures, for retina and ipad users, no performance guarantee (see settings).