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Lexidium Latin Dictionary

Lexidium is a Latin lexical tool for your iPhone. It’s much more than just a dictionary (although it provides two, the Lewis and Short and Whitaker’s Words). It can also parse inflected forms of words, so you don’t need to know the dictionary form of a word to look it up anymore!

Lexidium is really fast. It makes lookups a breeze. It also displays a short definition of every word so you don’t necessarily need to look at the full entry. You can bookmark entries and return to them later.

For your convenience, Lexidium also includes a Roman numeral converter. Enter a number in either Roman or regular (Arabic) numerals and Lexidium will automatically convert it into the other format for you.

The L-S dictionary used in Lexidium is now in the public domain, but it would not exist in machine-readable format without the industry and genius of the Perseus Project and its director, Dr. Gregory Crane. Please contribute to Perseus today. http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/help/support.jsp