Call Recording Pro

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Call Recording Pro

**A $9.99 app on sale for $2.99 Over 150,000 recordings emailed to date**
Record incoming or outgoing calls worldwide. Unlimited #recordings for users in USA & 15 additional countries listed below. All recordings transcribed to text and emailed automatically. Streaming mp3 audio recorder included in the app for no additional fee.
-Users in 16 countries (incl. USA) get unlimited recordings
-Users in all other countries get 10 call recordings with initial purchase.
-mp3 link emailed when you hang up
-Purchase includes unlimited audio recorder called SoundFriend
-After mandatory announcement, no beeps. You can avoid introducing the announcement into your call by merging after the announcement.
-(For unlimited recordings) The app dials the recorder service access# Merge this call with any incoming/outgoing call to begin recording
-(If you do not choose a country specific access#) The recorder dials your phone; so, you do not burn additional minutes for your recordings. Merge the recorder’s call with any call you want recorded
-mp3 recordings appear in the “Call Recordings” folder in app for previewing and forwarding to additional email addresses
-1 hour limit per recording
-Post to Facebook/Twitter
-Upload to your DropBox or SoundCloud account
-10 calls incl. in initial purchase. Additional recording packages can be purchased in app

App includes SoundFriend-an unlimited length cloud streaming audio recorder:
-Record, Pause, Resume and Store mp3 audio in the cloud
-Long recordings can be done in the background; even open other apps while a recording happens
-Organize recordings in folders
-5 seconds to generate the mp3 url for a 1 hour recording
-Email recordings or post to facebook/twitter instantly
-Upload to Dropbox or SoundCloud

-Use 10 digits incl. area code for US numbers
-For non-US numbers, use a format like 0919880438525 i.e. zero followed by your country code (91) followed by your phone number (9880438525)
-Use the free Test button to check setup
-Save Settings; Press the red button to begin recording
-Press Add Call to dial a contact
-When contact answers, press Merge

Unlimited local access numbers in these countries:
South Africa