Templates for Office

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Templates for Office

Save money with 3 great apps in 1.

Don’t get stuck on bullet points. Templates for Powerpoint Presentations offers contemporary, ready-made, and easy-to-use templates, complete with graphically-designed layouts and animated effects.

Modern visualization styles
Get your message across using the built-in infographics, 3D charts and diagrams, percentages and ratios, key facts and figures, bold colors, and interesting text and photo designs.

Templates for Word Docs gives you all the tools you need to create great-looking documents using Microsoft Office and Word compatible apps on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Windows PC. With over 300 professionally designed templates to choose from, your next brochure, invite, or poster is ready for you to drop in photos and add your own words.

Template Chooser
Quickly browse through the categories, from business cards and memos, letters and greeting cards, resumes and cover letters. Even before you start writing, your document already looks great.

Universal Support
Compatible with standard paper sizes worldwide and easily switch between US Letter and International A4.

Track investments. Compare loans. Review sales. Templates for Excel Spreadsheets helps you plan, organize, and keep on top of your business, home and personal life with these great-looking templates.

Spreadsheets ready to go 

You’ll find everything from business finance and planning, calculators, sales analysis tools, personal management and planners, checklists, calendars, and much more.

No complex formula
These templates are easy to use. The hard stuff—calculations, functions, and formulas—is already there. It’s just waiting for you to add your own figures.

Being organized has never been this easy. Start planning, tracking, and analyzing. With Templates for Excel Spreadsheets you’re already halfway there.

Templates for Office requires a Powerpoint, Word and Excel compatible app on your iPad or iPhone such as QuickOffice, Smart Office 2, and Documents To Go Premium, and can also be edited using Microsoft Office on Mac and Windows PC.