Halftone PIc

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Halftone PIc

Halftone Art is a very popular image style, it can make your photo not only full with retro mood but also digital technology style. Halftone Art has a long history, no doubt, it is a lasting fashion.

[ Halftone Pic ] offers 5 Halftone modes for you to change photo into Halftone style. [ Halftone Pic ] can emphasize the bright or dark part of photo, also can change the full-color tone into black&white or gray scale. In addition, dot patterns’ size, angle and strength are changeable.

You will experience the fun of creation by using Halftone modes with filters, such as Vibrance, brightness, sharpen…etc.

[ Halftone Pic ] offers 6 unique Dot art fonts, all fonts could be change by size, color, transparency and position. It offers 46 build-in fonts as well.

[Halftone Pic] supports high, medium, low DPI save.