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Retrica Pro

Retrica will let you take beautiful vintage-style pictures in high-resolutions.

View how the filters work in real time and take/save the picture on your preview screen with the highest resolution.

40 Real-time vintage filters
- Polaroid, Breeze, Saturn, Eastern
- Golden, i., E.D., Y-Green
- A-ka, Dark Green, Illume, AT3
- Spring, Winter, Morning, Deep Yellow
- Dark Yellow, Brown, New Tan, Rosy
- Cool, Sea, Underwater, Emerald
- Deep Green, Green, Light Green, A5
- Purple, Teal, Slate, Teal2
- Grizzled, Cold, Sepia, DS3
- Black & White, BW1, BW3, Natural

Additional features
- 1:1 Crop
- Vignette
- Out-of-focus Blur
- Timer
- Various layout photobooth
- Border selectable

- Instagram
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Mail
- Assign to Contact / Save to Camera Roll / Print / Copy
- Open in other apps

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