Bebot – Robot Synth

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Bebot – Robot Synth

Part robot, Part synth – Bebot is a versatile musical synthesizer with a unique multitouch control method, built into an animated cartoon robot.

Check out the demo videos at to see and hear Bebot in action, including a walkthrough demo by keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess.

Featuring four different synthesis modes, juicy analog-sounding filters, effects and overdrive distortion, Bebot is a feature-packed polyphonic synthesizer, offering a wide range of sounds and a high degree of control via the multitouch screen.

Musicians and non-musicians alike will find that the unique multitouch control system and programmable scales make Bebot an unusually easy to play. Even if you have no experience with a musical instrument, you can simply have fun making sound with your fingers, and watch the animated robot sing along.

Bebot has been used both on-stage and in the studio by major recording artists including Dream Theater, The Flaming Lips and How To Destroy Angels. Not bad for a little cartoon robot!