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This app show you new way to use your iPhone and iPod touch.

You can use your Neonboard when
- You want to say something to your girlfriend or boyfriend.
- You need help in case of emergency.
- You are in pop concert.
- You want to send some massages to the world….

It’s very easy to use. Just follow these simple steps.

- Step 1 : Select your message.
If you want to make your own message, press [MAKE A MESSAGE] button.
Write or draw something on the white pad.
Select your color of letters.
Press the [SAVE] and [LOAD] buttons to save your messages.
If you want to erase the screen, just tab the [CLR] button.
When you are finished, press [NEXT STEP] button to go to the next step.

- Step 2 : Hold it and wave back and forth VERY slowly.
If you want to start over from step 1, stop waving and tap the screen.

Email us at with any questions or bugs.

Have fun with the Neonboard.

Thank you.