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Battlefield 3 Revealed

Battlefield 3 Revealed

This is a brilliant collection of 66 separate tips and tricks tutorials that will have you scoring higher and quicker! Find out about the best way to set up and find out more about the weapons available and what they can do. Learn a bouts the Jets and all the features and learn special techniques for gameplay.

The first 10 lessons are included with the purchase and additional sets can be added as and when you are ready to learn more.

The lessons ;

Know/Play Your RoleElitegamerbros
Tutorial TacticsHow To Play Battlefield
Tips & Tricks For Noobs Guide For Beginners Online Gameplay
Gun Comparison Pistol
Assault Rifle Weapon Guide
Suppress And Flank
Secrets Of The Battlefield Tip #1
Secrets Of The Battlefield Tip #2
Secrets Of The Battlefield Common Mistakes
Secrets Of The Battlefield Common Mistakes 2
Secrets Of The BattlefieldCommon Mistakes 3
Secrets Of The BattlefieldCommon Mistakes 4
Bf3 Epic Attacking Multiplayer Gameplay Tips
Battlefield Bootcamp Back To Basics
JetsJets 101: Flight Basics
Tearing Up The Metro How To Attack Operation Metro
Tearing Up The Subway Flank And Massacre
BF3 Attacking Speed Is Everything
Bf3 DefendingHold Your Ground (58-7)
Battlefield 3 JetsTutorial Multiplayer Gameplay
Jet Tutorial Part 1 Of 3 Basic Movemen, Offensive And Defensive Maneuvers
Javelin + SOFLAM
Jets 103 Attack Jets
Javelin (FGM-148)
M224Mortar Gameplay & Triple Kill
How To Fly Jets
Mortar Strike Tutorial Gameplay Multiplayer
Cook/Hold Grenades Tutorial Gameplay Tips
Rush Tips & Tricks For Noobs
How To Use The Recon Kit Tips & Tactics
How Not To Be A Noob
Aggressive Defense: Hold The Line Tips & Commentary (Ps3/Rush)
Cod Player’s Guide
You Have To Lose To Win
Sniping Tutorial
Multiplayer Sniping Streak
Assault Kit
10 Tips
Radio Beacon Tutorial
Assault BasicsDestruction Tips
Sprint Jumping
Jets Tips And Tricks
Bf3 Basic Training
Operation Metro
Grand Bazaar Conquest Tips And Tactics
Attack Chopper Tips And Tactics
Top 5 Ways To Improve
Sniper Tips & Advice Recon Gameplay
Motion Sensor (T-Ugs)
Tips & Tricks Bootcamp
Tips & Gameplay (Bf3)
Sniping Tutorial Tips/TricksBolt Action
Scout Helicopter
More Multiplayer Tips
Aim And Recoil Tips
How To Snipe
How To Effectively Use The Javelin
Jets Tips And Tricks
Flying Snipers!
Tips And Tricks-How To Plant C4
Level-Up All Vehicles Fast!
Equipment Review: Mav
Get Better With Jets
Helicopter Madness!