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World Explorer – Made for MineCraft

Thanks For Making this a Top App: #1 RPG in 13 countries and #2 for Adventure. Build, play and explore MineCraft worlds. Sounds easy? it is! World Explorer – Made for MineCraft has been especially designed for iPad and iPhone, with the ability to work with your existing PC/MAC MineCraft levels. It’s insanely addictive – easy to start, but impossible to stop.

★ Play, load and save your MineCraft worlds from PC/MAC and back.
★ Controls redesigned for iPad and iPhone (a multi-touch marvel).
★ Massive 3D worlds with grassy plains, beaches and tunnels. Oh, the secret tunnels!
★ 8.5/10 “one of the best” – H. Simpson, Compu Hyper Mega Global Corporation.
★ “I took 3 dumps today at school just to play this game, fyi. Only one of them actually resulted in a dump.” – jchampl Touch Arcade forums.

MineCraft is a worldwide phenomena with over 1,000,000 happy miners – finally you can build, play, mine and explore your 3D worlds on your iPad and iPhone.

✓ NEW → Super smooth and fast rendering.
✓ NEW → 10x faster level importing and exporting.
✓ NEW → You can now sink/swim in water
✓ NEW → Torches and ladders from your imported worlds now render.

A $4.99 value on it’s own at AMAZON ->
Includes recipes for making worlds!

MineCraft World Explorer only takes a minute to learn, but don’t expect to put it down as quickly as you pick it up!

*** REQUIRES: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod Touch 4G.
*** May not run on devices not listed above!

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World Explorer – Made for MineCraft is a product of Compu Hyper Mega Global Corporation, developed by the friendly Canadians at Robots and Pencils Inc.
Disclaimer: World Explorer – Made for MineCraft is not authorized or endorsed by Mojang Specifications, or even our moms.