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Fake Call on Demand

Fake Call on Demand is a unique fake call app that allows you to discreetly generate a call on demand. Whether your iPhone is in your pocket, bag or even your grass skirt, a simple double-tap is all that’s required to make that suave and dignified exit.

This app is inspired by the dreaded collision of you and that boring colleague who sucks the life out of what might have been an otherwise perfect day. It can be a saviour in a party situation when stuck with that person whose monotone clichés supersedes your will to live. Thinking of the third floor window as a potential exit will be a thing of the past with Fake Call on Demand.

Fake Call on Demand works in harmony with your body’s natural defences against bores, stalkers, talkative strangers, bad dates, exes and helps you maintain a healthy happy lifestyle… it will also provide quite a considerable amount of amusement ;-)

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee perfect days with this product.


· Unique double-tap accelerometer technology – initiates a fake call on demand.
· Adjust sensitivity of accelerometer to your needs.
· iOS 5 compatible.
· Advert free.
· Fully customizable: caller’s name, number, photo and more…
· Standard ringtones and the option to select a ringtone from your own music library.
· Built in caller templates both male and female in 5 different languages.
· Create your own greeting with a built-in voice recorder.
· This is the most realistic, fully functional fake caller app on the market to date bar none (until we release an update).
· For a sense of nostalgia you can still schedule fake calls in advance, the main feature of our predecessors; we only recommend this option for psychics!

Fake Call on Demand is for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true calling functionality.

Note: Do not press the unlock/off button after Fake Call on Demand is activated as this will prevent the accelerometer from working and disable the app. Fake Call on Demand automatically shuts down your screen and puts the iPhone into a power saving mode.