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Audious – Discover Your Music

Audious is a replacement the native music app on your iPhone and iPad with an easier and faster interface. It also features a play queue so you can choose the next song without stopping the current. Audious keeps the music playing by filling the queue with random titles if it runs short of songs.

- Gestures & Design -
It does away with buttons almost entirely, giving you intuitive gestures to control your music without having to look, like simply flicking the current song off the screen to jump to the next.

Audious displays large coverart for all your albums and presents you with songs from your iPod library you haven’t listened to in a while. Simply swipe up from the bottom to access your library.

- Discover Songs -
Are there songs in your music library that you love, but you’ve forgotten you even have? Audious helps you rediscover those tracks by putting their covers on a shelf right in front of you. You can tap and hold almost everything to get even more options.

- Play Queue –
Do you know the moment, when you think of a song you want to listen to, but you don’t want to just skip over the rest of the one you’re currently listening to? Audious features a play queue, a playlist that is always playing, always filled with music, where you can simply queue any song you want to play next.

- Social -
Audious also supports scrobbling to