Digital Negative

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摄影与录像 效率

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Digital Negative

Digital Negative is specifically designed to capture the highest quality images from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch camera.

Digital Negative is the first app that captures uncompressed images that retain all of the information recorded by the camera sensor. These Digital Negative (DNG) pictures are much like the negatives from a film camera, and the serious photographer can use standard raw editing programs or Digital Negative’s built-in raw editing tools to develop the photograph and display all of the features in the image.

This feature was previously only available on high-end cameras like digital SLRs, but now your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, can do it too. Digital Negative has the tools needed to preview images quickly, view all of the EXIF information, and can develop them on the go.

There are several other revolutionary features in this app. First, Digital Negative shows a real-time histogram of the camera’s display, to avoid under- or over-exposing images before taking the photograph. Digital Negative contains exposure locking, and flash, focus, and zoom controls to help set up the image with greater precision.

Still want to take pictures in JPG or TIFF format? No problem. Digital Negative also records high-quality JPG images or uncompressed TIFF files. Want to share photos? Digital Negative allows uploading of uncompressed pictures to Dropbox and uploading of JPG versions to Facebook.

Get the most of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch camera with Digital Negative!