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Guide For Fifa 12 HD

This is a guide to FIFA 12, the highly anticipated game from EA Sports. This guide covers all the hype and excitement for the game.

In this app you will find:

Early Released Skill Move Guide
Celebrations Guide
Ultimate Team Guide
Detailed Platform News
Engine Previews and Insights
Behind The Scenes Clips
Developer Interviews

Coming soon in a further update:

Career Walkthrough
Free Kick and Penalty Techniques
Transfer Standouts

As well as a skill move guide written by our very own skills guru, a celebrations guide, and Ultimate Team guide, this guide also features tons of trailers, interviews, and insights into the development process.

Please note, there are a LOT of videos in this guide. To view them an active internet connection is required. The application will still work without an internet connection, but those videos may not work. You can still read the great content, and view the images, of course, without one.

Legal Disclaimer:
This guide is not an official guide or connected to the game’s developer or publisher. All in-game descriptions, logos, characters, locations and imagery are copyright to their respective owners, and usage for this game guide falls within fair use guidelines and/or in accordance with the license with which they were released.