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Create one-of-a-kind effects for your images. Redevelop if you aren’t satisfy with the result. After that, share them! Simple & amazing.

Authenticity & Surprises
- Lomora captures the most realistic film-like photos. Consequently, it exhibits the same behavior as those retro cameras. Instilling some quirkiness to the results, often producing unexpectedly outperformed images. If you love surprises, you’d love Lomora.

Redevelop Photos
- Most filter apps rasterized the picture after you applied any effect. Don’t you ever wish there are some quick ways to change the effect even after the picture is saved? Well you can. With a tap, Lomora allows you to redevelop your photos with a different effect. You can do it unlimitedly. After each redevelopment, the new photo is automatically saved and exported to the camera roll.

Easy Sharing
- Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr are unified into a simple box. Sharing a photo is as simple as marking the networks of your choice and tap the “Share” button. The photo is uploaded in background so you can continue taking great pictures. You can also add location to the post.

- Every picture taken with Lomora is geotagged. You can see the name of the place when you view your photos within the app. If photos imported contain geotag information, the location will also be imported. This comes in real handy when you try to recall the place of a certain photos but couldn’t.