Image Blender

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娱乐 摄影与录像

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Image Blender

This is a simple and clean iPhone and iPad app with a single purpose, blending together images. You can use multiple blending modes (like Multiply, Overlay, Screen and many more), move, rotate, resize and mask the top image.

This can be used for a variety of things, like:
- Creating your own personalised filters
- Choosing where and how much to apply of an effect from other applications (like partly black and white images but with everything)
- Double exposure with control
- Creating collages

It outputs the same resolution as the background image you give it. As default no EXIF data is transferred but you can choose to transfer it from either image in settings. If you want to add more than two images, tap & hold and choose flatten, and your current blend will be saved as the background so you can keep adding images.

Many features is hidden under tap & hold actions, please try it on various elements.

Some other smaller features is
- Camera+ support
- PhotoAppLink support
- Pogo-connect support
- Copy & Paste images

If you have comments, need help or found a bug, please help and send a mail to and we’ll try to help you.