Bar / QR Code Maker

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Bar / QR Code Maker

Make, share and print barcodes and QR codes (Quick Response) in a single app.

There are lots of programs that read barcodes and QR codes but nobody allows you to generate both in one app!

The codes created are stored for reuse whenever you want.
You can create QR codes lengths up to 4296 characters and bar codes EAN and UPC.
You can also discover the origin of any barcode from around the world.

You can share it on Facebook, on Twitter, you can save on the camera roll, print via AirPrint, or send it via e-mail.

Fast, easy and very useful!

Version optimized for all Apple devices iPod, iPhone and iPad.

We are developing new features that will be available in the next version.

For any information, suggestions or report, please contact us.

QR Codes support Emojii Art!
Draw with emojii art, convert qr code and share with anyone!
An original way to exchange messages.