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SOS GPS is a tool to locate the position at a given time.

You can send an automatic email with details of the location and a short personal message to two email addresses that can be configured in the application.

Can get the exact address from the coordinates where you are at all times.

function to take a picture of where you are on and
attached in the email that is sent with the rest of the coordinates information, personalized message, and so on

You can change the map view between 2 possible: normal and satellite.

The accuracy of location depends on the coverage of the phone and GPS.

Once power on locator, the position will be updated automatically every minute.

The system will operate with more accuracy in open sky.

Options map and sending a position, it must be connected Internet.

SOS GPS is only an adjunct location and should not be used in activities which run any other life-threatening situation danger.

Available in English and Spanish