InstaEffect FX Pro- Pic FX for Instagram

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InstaEffect FX Pro- Pic FX for Instagram


With over 260 very cool,colorful,creative,artistic effects InstaEffect FX help you create gorgeous, magical and colorful pic effect in seconds. Layer as many effects as you like to create unique looking
picture, then share your masterpiece with your friends and family via Instagram, Facebook, Email,Twitter and Flickr very easily!

Main features
★260 very cool effects to choose from
★Apply over 260 effects to create unique looking picture
★ Layer different effects to your photo
★ Adjust effect opacity
★ Adjust effect brightness
★ Make endless magical pictures via layering different effects
★ Move,rotate,scale,flip effect.
★ Erase & draw effect
★ Undo / Redo effects
★ Import images as effect from your camera roll
★ Save images in high resolution to your camera roll
★ Share to Instagram
★ Share to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr

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on Instagram @instaeffectfx