TubeNotes – YouTube Player and Video Notes

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TubeNotes – YouTube Player and Video Notes

The perfect way to play YouTube and local videos.
Create private video-notes on exact video positions and export them as PDF-File or share them with friends.

✓ Play YouTube videos offline
✓ Create notes with free Speech-Recognition

TubeNotes features:
• Add videos from Camera Roll or iPod Library
• Add videos from YouTube
• Play YouTube videos offline
• Easy & fast YouTube search (with auto-completion)
• Browse YouTube feeds
• Login to your YouTube account
• and Browse your personal feeds (Subscriptions, Watch later, Favorites…)
• Choose your preferred YouTube video quality (360p, 720p, 1080p)
• Organize videos with playlists
• Play your videos via AirPlay on other devices
• Responsive and clean interface
• Pay only once! -> Universal app (supports iPhone & iPad)

TubeNotes: Video-Notes features:
• Create private notes to your videos
• Notes can be created by typing them in or by Speech to text
• Use Speech-Recognition to create notes (no extra costs)
• Search your notices with a full text search
• Share your private notes on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or via Mail and Message
• Export video-notes as PDF-File and share it
• PDF-File includes: Note-Text, Note-Time, Note-Timebar, Note-YouTube Link, Note-Video Thumbnail
• Create notes to your home-made movies by importing them from the Camera Roll

TubeNotes: share, share, share
• Share videos and notes via Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Message or as YouTube Comment
• Share notes (TubeNotes generates a YouTube link to the exact video note position)
• Share YouTube videos
• Share Notes-PDF File
• Fast share interesting video time positions (no need to watch the whole video)

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