VideoPix: Video Frame Capture, Slow Motion Editor & Player for iOS

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VideoPix: Video Frame Capture, Slow Motion Editor & Player for iOS

VideoPix 3 is unified Slow Motion editor, Video Frame Grabber, and an enhanced video player all with a simple and powerful user interface.

Here’s how : Watch video in slow motion to find the hidden details, tap a button and then navigate single frame fwd/backward at a time to mine the perfect pose of your loved ones. And with this update, you can render and save that slow motion video to Photo Library, an added bonus !

Press Coverage

“Olympics coaches fine tune performance with VideoPix…National performance advisor Russell Mark said it helps the swimmers master aspects of their technique such as their starts and turns.” –

“The U.S. swim team uses an underwater camera to take video footage which is reviewed poolside in slow motion with an app called VideoPix”
“Aaron Dziver, one of the coaches behind Canadian synchronized diving bronze medalists Meaghan Benfeito and Roseline Filion, is also a fan of VideoPix.”

“You can’t take video and pictures with the same iPhone at the same time. At least, you couldn’t before VideoPix came along. As they say, a video’s worth a thousand pictures!” – AppAdvice

New in 3.0

◆ The most popular user demand to be able to Edit videos in slow/fast motion & export them to Camera Roll

◆ Heavily polished user interface

App Basics

◆ Play video at 1fps to 60 fps; tap button to switch between video edit mode & frame grabbing mode,

◆ In Video Edit mode, set the begin and end points to trim and render the video at a new rate. The video is saved to camera roll from where it could be posted to YouTube or Facebook. Note that Audio is present in the rendered video if rate is 0.25x and above.

◆ In Frame grabbing mode, mine the perfect pose of your loved ones using single frame forward/backward controls. Or if you are a sports fan, navigate forward/backward single frame at a time to analyze what’s happening around your favorite scenes in the video. Ideal for action replays or analyzing golf swing, billiards shot and many other sports.

◆ In any mode, watch Slow/fast motion playback on an external display connected to compatible iOS device using VGA or HDMI adaptor or wirelessly using Apple TV,


• Built in Photo Editor powered by Aviary with innumerable options for filters, texts, Memes,

• Full fledged iPhone Photos app like internal photo library for storing frames.

• Email the pictures,

• Share pictures on Facebook from within the app(iPhone/iPod touch only),

• Save pictures with correct metadata (GPS coordinates, timestamp of chosen video),

• The converted pictures have the same resolution as original video,

Video Sources

• Select any video in the Camera Roll/Photo Albums/non-DRM video in device’s Video Library,

• Record video from within app (any iOS device with video camera),

• Import and work with upto 1080p Videos in MP4/MOV file format from your computer using iTunes File Sharing,


• 24×7 email support available (