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This App is designed to offer four Business Packages in one App. The package provide FaxMail as base App, offers optional features to add additional capability of BizTrip, FileBangPro, and BizoDex. The following are brief description of each.

FileBangPro :
This App is designed for transferring Files to your device for Mobility. This Feature Acts like a Flash Drive as well as “AirPlay” capability to view file #10 on your Apple TV(Streaming / WiFi).

BizTrip :
This app generates Excel(optional) report format of All transactions records collected during the fiscal year with information related to your Customer Name, Nature of Visit, Map(Starting, and Customer locations) with Geo address capability, Total Mileage/Metric, Date and Time.

FaxMail :
This App is designed for Business People who are out of office and would like to send a Fax. With this App, you are able to FaxMail a document to your client.

BizoDex :
This App is designed to give you a pocket Rolodex for all your business cards.

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