Electrical Engineering Pack

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Electrical Engineering Pack

Electrical Engineering Pack is a pack of 39 Electrical Calculators and 16 Electrical Converters.

A complete guide for Electrical Engineers, Technicians and Students.

Electrical Calculator List:(39)

1.Voltage Calculator
2.Current Calculator
3.Resistance Calculator
4.Power Calculator
5.Single Phase Power Calculator
6.Three Phase Power Calculator
7.Single Phase Current Calculator
8.Three Phase Current Calculator
9.DC Horse Power
10.Single Phase Horse Power
11.Three Phase Horse Power
12.DC Current (HP)Calculator
13.Single Phase Current (HP) Calculator
14.Three Phase Current (HP) Calculator
15.Efficiency (DC)Calculator 16.Efficiency (Single Phase) Calculator
17.Efficiency (Three Phase) Calculator
18.Power Factor (Single Phase) Calculator
19.Power Factor (Three Phase) Calculator
20.Luminous Intensity Calculator
21.Luminous Flux Calculator
22.Solid Angle Calculator
23.Energy Cost Calculator
24.Energy Storage (Resistance) Calculator
25.Energy Storage (Inductance) Calculator
26.Energy Storage (Capacitance) Calculator
27.Star to Delta Conversion
28.Delta to Star Conversion
29.Inductive Reactance Calculator
30.Capacitive Reactance Calculator
31.Resonant Frequency Calculator
32.Inductor Sizing Equation
33.Capacitor Sizing Equation
34.Resistance (Series) Calculator
35.Resistance (Parallel) Calculator
36.Inductance (Series) Calculator
37.Inductance (Parallel) Calculator
38.Capacitance (Series) Calculator
39.Capacitance (Parallel) Calculator

Electrical Converter is a conversion calculator that translates different electrical units of measure.
It consists of 16 Categories with 173 Units and 2162 Conversions.

Electrical Converters List:(16)

1.Field Strength
2.Electric Potential
10.Linear Charge Density
11.Surface Charge Density
12.Volume Charge Density
14.Linear Current Density
15.Surface Current Density

Calculation is done when user makes :

1.Changes in Input values.
2.Changes in Input Units.
3.Changes in Output Units.