RF & Antenna Engineering Kit

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RF & Antenna Engineering Kit

RF & Antenna Engineering Kit – 10 most useful calculators (more than 30 types of calculations) to solve complex RF & Antenna related calculations in fraction of seconds.

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This app is recommended for electronics & telecommunications engineers, technicians, graduates and high school students.

★✰★ 10 Calculators ★✰★
☛ Electro Magnetic Frequency – Calculate Wavelength | Frequency
☛ RF Power Density – Calculate RF Power Density | Power Input | Gain | Distance to center of Radiation
☛ Free Space Path Loss – Calculate FSPL (dB) | Frequency | Distance between antennas
☛ Friis Transmission – Calculate Friis Transmission Params(any)
☛ Radar Power – Calculate Radar Power Params(any)
☛ Radar Range – Calculate Radar Range Params(any)
☛ Helical Antenna – Calculate Helical Antenna Params
☛ W mW dBW dBm Converter
☛ Temperature Units Converter – Convert temperature units [ Celsius Kelvin Fahrenheit ]
☛ Distance Units Converter – Convert distance units [ mm cm m km inch feet mile ]

Special & Unique Features
Bundled with 10 calculators (more than 30 types of calculations)
The formulas and related info is attached with each Calculator
Save calculations for future reference.
Load previously saved calculations.
Share the calculations via Email or SMS.
Accuracy 5 decimal points
Enhanced GUI Experience –
Easy navigation among edit boxes while entering values.
Rapid calculations.
Moreover the App is optimized to reduce user tabbing for calculations. [Save time].
No need of internet connections to calculate, save & load calculations. So very convenient tool to use in any environments.

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