RF Toolbox Pro

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RF Toolbox Pro

Specialized on high frequency electronics for RF professionals, radio amateurs and students.

RF-Toolbox is based on the popular Electronic Toolbox from Marcus Roskosch.

This app contains some of the common tools from Electronic Toolbox but contains a wide range of additional tools, specialized for high frequency electronics, RF professionals, radio amateurs and students.

Currently RF-Toolbox consists of totally 52 tools and like with Electronic Toolbox, there are more to come over the time.


☛ PCB Trace Width (Internal and external Traces)
☛ PCB Trace Resistance
☛ PCB Trace Impedance (various trace types e.g. Microstrip, embedded Microstrip, Symetric and Asymetric Stripline, Wire Microchip, Wire Stripline, Edge Coupled Microstrip and Stripline)
PCB Crosstalk (Microstrip and Stripline)
☛ LC L/T/Pi Match calculation
☛ Coax Cable calculation (Standard and individual Types)
☛ Amplifier and Attenuator cascade calculation
☛ SWR / Reflection / Return loss conversion
☛ Power Divider (Branchline, Ratrace and Wilkinson)
☛ Capacitor Plate calculation
☛ RLC Parallel, Series and Circuit calculation
☛ Noise Figure conversion
☛ Skin Depth calculation (various materials from Aluminum to Silver)
☛ Butterworth Filter (also with plot of filter chart)
☛ Chebyshev Filter (also with plot of filter chart)
☛ R-C, L-C, R-L High/Low/Band-Pass Filter
☛ RF Units conversion (quick conversion of frequently used units)
☛ Air coil inductance calculation
☛ Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors in Parallel / Series
And there is much more…

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Marcus Roskosch