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Simpogical is an application for quickly simplifying digital logic circuits and Boolean expressions using the Quine McCluskey algorithm ( logically equivalent to a Karnaugh Map ).

It is primarily designed for to support students studying electronic engineering, although it is useful in other disciplines including computer science and mathematics.

Simpogical allows you to specify logic terms by simply touching rows of a truth table (inc. don’t care terms). You can also add a range of terms. When the table is complete, Simpogical will calculate the simplest corresponding logic. It will even give you all the possible permutations.

Simpogical handles up to 512 logic terms, in up to 10 variables. The results are given in tabular form, but can also be sent by email in LaTeX and plain format.

Sympogical is designed to be an educational tool. Although it is very capable, it is not intended to be a professional design tool.