Electronics Engineering ToolKit Pro

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Electronics Engineering ToolKit Pro


Albert Einstein has been quoted saying, “never memorize what you can look up in books”. In that spirit, electronic engineers, students and hobbyists should take a long look at this App.

The EE ToolKit Pro has been completely re-designed to support the larger 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5 and the latest iPod Touch generation!

This App features a massive collection of very useful calculators, simulators, component references, circuit and application examples, covering lots of different areas in the field of electronics engineering. It is the standard electronics equipment running on all iOS devices from version 4.3 to the latest release.

This App Features:
Ω 65 Electronic Applications! Over 6 Pages!
Ω Simple Unit Conversion within the single Calculators!
Ω Fast on-the-fly conversions and calculations!
Ω Real-Time circuit simulations
Ω Export your calculations as E-Mail or to your Photo Album!
Ω Support for preferred E numbers, sliders and min/max calculations!
Ω Extra full page with applications, simulations and calculations all around the popular 555 Timer IC
Ω Auto-save of all entries over several sessions
Ω Extra component reference page
Ω Due to its great success now updated with major extensions!

Collected User Reviews from all over the world:
Must have for electronics engineer ★★★★★
Very handy tool for quick calculations. Highly recommended for all electronics engineers.

Awesome! ★★★★★
If your in electronics you need this app!

Impressive! ★★★★★
Excellent Tool! Big improvements in the latest version. Very well done!

Thank You. Really AWESOME tool! ★★★★★
this App is extremely fast and stable, developer is very responsive, updates come in at a regular basis

Electronics Engineer Toolbox Pro ★★★★★
Very useful tool. Lots of different menus. Particularly like the access to device data sheets.

Engineer ★★★★★
Excellent! Well worth the purchase. Very handy to have around for reference.

Super! ★★★★★
Finally there’s an Electronics App that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Useful ★★★★★
Good app

No applications are more complete than this application, very user friendly as well.

Very interesting とても興味深い ★★★★
I’m a circuit engineer of printers. This App is very interesting.

Completa ★★★★
Molto comoda e completa. Sarebbe perfetta se avesse anche le indicazioni relativi ai connettori XLR per uso audio. Consigliabilissima!

Elektronik App für Profis ★★★★★
Diese App ist wirklich Top. Ein absolutes Muss für Elektroniker und Bastler

Amazing ★★★★★
Amazing app simply perfect for anything to do with electronics.

sehr gut! ★★★★★
perfekt für den Elektroniker!

Must have for electronics engineer ★★★★★
Very handy tool for quick calculations.

List of Tools, Simulators and Calculators:
• Trace Width
• Wire Ampacity
• E Series Resistor
• Voltage Divider
• Capacitance, Inductance and Capacitor Load
• Propagation Delay
• Cut Off Frequency (-3dB, tau)
• LED Circuit Generator
• Trace Impedance (5 Sub-Calculators)
• Adjustable Voltage Regulator
• Passive Cooling
• Dielectric Value
• Transistor
• Wavelength
• OpAmp Calculator (7 Sub-Calculators)
• Parallel Resistor
• Zener Diode
• Resistor Color Value
• Microstrip Inductor
• Nanometer to Color
• Speed of Sound
• Capacitor Color Code
• Ohms Law
• Inductor Color Code
• Delta-Star and Star-Delta
• Resistor Network
• Battery Charge Time
• T & Pi Attenuator
• Reactance
• Decibel Converter
• ppm
• Unit Converter
• Extra page for common connectors and pinouts
• Impressive component reference library
• Special Section about 555 Timer IC circuits