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Automatically create stunning full-resolution HDR images with just a single tap! Pro HDR supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod natively. New version 4.5 now works great on iPhone 5, iPad 4, and iPad Mini!

Professional reviews:

“If you ever take photos using your iPhone, this app is a must-have.” – Gizmodo

“If you’re looking to take it further than Apple’s built-in HDR, Pro HDR is your solution.” – AppAdvice Daily

“Pro HDR leaps ahead of the pack… Even if you’re not into HDR photography, this is one to check out.” – TUAW

User comments:

“This is an absolutely superb app… you do not need to be an expert to produce beautiful photographs. Cannot recommend enough”

“Best iPhone HDR App, way better than iOS HDR”

“I’m a pro photographer and with this app I get better pictures than I do with my pro equipment!”

“Get it. Goes way beyond Apple’s own HDR implementation.”

“The best $1.99 I’ve spent”

“Amazing. This app blows iOS HDR out of the water.”


Thanks to Pro HDR, you no longer have to choose between a blown-out sky or a hopelessly dark foreground. Bringing automatic high dynamic range photography to your iPhone for the first time ever, Pro HDR captures an image exposed for the highlights and another exposed for the shadows. It then aligns and merges the images, giving you a gorgeous HDR image at native resolution (up to 12 megapixels) like nothing you’ve ever seen from such a tiny device.

Unlike fake HDR apps that merely take a single photo and reprocess it (without actually adding any new detail), Pro HDR massively extends the dynamic range of your camera and produces beautiful results that you have to see to believe. Plus, Pro HDR is the first HDR app in the world with an automatic mode. We also provide an assisted Manual mode for those times when you wish to choose your exact exposures. Finally, you can take stunning high-resolution photos of all those scenes that are just too contrasty to capture in a single picture.

Not only will seasoned photographers instantly fall in love with Pro HDR, one look at our example images should convince anyone that Pro HDR represents a new era in mobile photography.

Pro HDR comes with these incredibly useful features:

• Automatic in-app HDR capture: all you have to do is tap to capture

• Manual in-app photo capture: you choose the exposure of each image in your HDR

• HDR off mode: take normal photos quickly

• Photo library support: make HDRs from your saved images (up to 12MP), or edit normal images

• Front and rear camera support

• Digital zoom, cropping, self-timer, flash and torch options, and grid overlay

• Beautiful filters and frames custom designed just for Pro HDR

• Add a text caption to your photo!

• Proprietary image alignment algorithm precisely aligns full-size images in seconds

• Seamless image blending creates one beautiful output image nearly instantly

• Live-updating image adjustment sliders to perfect your HDR: choose the perfect brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, and tint, or let Pro HDR automatically select the best settings

• Fullscreen image preview in portrait and landscape orientation

• Save HDR images at the full resolution of your camera (up to 8MP), or use our super-fast small resolution mode for quick captures

• Geotagging / GPS / Compass / EXIF data saved to your camera roll

• Share your HDRs with the world at full-res with built-in support for e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr

PLEASE NOTE: Pro HDR is compatible with iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, iPod Touch with camera, and iPad 4, 3, 2, and iPad Mini. running iOS 4 or newer. Pro HDR will *not* install on iPhone 3G or iPad 1.


Pro HDR 每台iphone都是专业相机,所有人都是专业摄影师。

by b4bb


HDR是一种摄影手法,大多用来拍风景(如果想要了解更多关于HDR的信息请用网络搜索)。而Pro HDR是一款运用HDR手法的摄影应用,使用Pro HDR的实际感受就是,“用稍微长一点的拍照时间拍出非常惊艳的照片”。
Pro HDR 每台iphone都是专业相机,所有人都是专业摄影师。
Pro HDR 每台iphone都是专业相机,所有人都是专业摄影师。
Pro HDR 每台iphone都是专业相机,所有人都是专业摄影师。
Pro HDR 每台iphone都是专业相机,所有人都是专业摄影师。
Pro HDR 每台iphone都是专业相机,所有人都是专业摄影师。
那么什么情况下适合用Pro HDR拍照呢?上面提到过HDR其实就是拍了两张照片,然后叠加在一起变成一张照片,所以这两张照片必须是相同的角度相同的位置,不同的只是光影,如果被摄物体会动就会拍到非常诡异的错位模糊效果,下面是一张我用ps模拟的效果。
Pro HDR 每台iphone都是专业相机,所有人都是专业摄影师。
所以适合Pro HDR的场景应该是静态的,光影对比强烈的风景。当然也不是绝对的,有时一些创造性的作品也可以HDR来拍,比如上上张照片。
下面是我自己用Pro HDR拍的。
Pro HDR 每台iphone都是专业相机,所有人都是专业摄影师。
Pro HDR 每台iphone都是专业相机,所有人都是专业摄影师。
下面简洁的讲一讲Pro HDR的功能。Pro HDR 可以自动进行曝光点选择然后拍摄,非常的方便,但是自动测光模式会占用一点分析时间,好在我们拍的是静态的风景,等等也无妨。在自动模式用熟了之后也可以试试手动模式,手动模式可以更好地控制光线,并且更有创造的乐趣。
另外Pro HDR还可以导入两张已有的照片来进行合成处理,甚至一张都可以,只是效果会差很多。其实可以将一张照片处理成两张不同亮度的照片然后导入Pro HDR里面合成,效果还不错,当然和实际拍摄的是不能比的。

最后说说Pro HDR的地位。如果你现在对HDR效果感兴趣了,并且希望能用手机拍HDR,那么你就不用观望了,直接买下Pro HDR吧。因为他的效果比其他同类应用好的太多了,乔布斯都亲手演示过Pro HDR的出众表现。我是一个ps高手,曾经用ps将一张照片处理成两张来模拟Pro HDR的效果,最后花了很大的功夫才模拟到Pro HDR的8成左右,Pro HDR效果真的是太棒了,短短几秒钟就可以得到一张完美的照片。Pro HDR的价格非常坚挺,完全没有降价的趋势,所以要买随时都可以买。顺便说一下,Pro HDR是我买的第一个付费app。