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Remote for Roku

★★★ Newsflash: This is the app featured by CNET in the video “How to control your Roku with your iPhone”. Check it out at – they did a great job showing in under a minute how easy it is! ★★★

“Remote for Roku” is an iPhone/iPod Touch app that can remotely control Roku video players. The app has simple and elegant interface, it automatically discovers the Roku players connected to your WiFi network and can control them with all the functionality of the IR remote that comes with the box – including the additional “instant replay”, “info” and “back” buttons. It also adds functionality like keyboard support (e.g. for Netflix searches) and a channel launchpad.

COMPATIBILITY: Remote4Roku works with all “Roku” digital video players. This includes Roku1 (HD, XD, XDS) and Roku2 (LT, HD, XD, XS) series, as well as the previous generation (DVP, SD, HD-XR) and Netgear NTV250.

There is no configuration needed, as long as your iOS device is WiFi-connected to the same network your Roku player is on. Notable exception are some Qwest/Actiontec routers (e.g. PK5000, M1000, MI424WR, GT701WG, GT724WG), which do not support auto-discovery protocol – for those the player will have to be added manually by tapping on “Other” in Settings.

“Remote for Roku” cannot control “Angry Birds” for Roku 2; the game requires a Bluetooth controller from Roku.

Hulu+ does not respond to remote keyboard commands – this is a limitation of the channel. Please join me in asking Hulu to fix that omission: contact them at – as a monthly-paying subscriber, your opinion matters!

TROUBLESHOOTING: In case of a problem:
(1) Make sure that your iOS device is connected to WiFi (can you see the 3-wave symbol in the status bar?)

(2) Click on the “(i)” button in the upper right corner to check the list of recognized Roku devices, wait a few seconds for updated information. If the player is not recognized, to add it manually tap on “Other…” and follow the instructions

(3) If still no connection, try restarting the wireless router and Roku. Unplug the power from the router for five seconds, plug it again and wait for a minute to initialize. Do the same for Roku, wait until the home screen loads and verify it is connected by playing some internet content (like Netflix or Pandora channels). At this point Remote4Roku should be able to discover the player, repeat step (2).

(4) If still having an issue, tap the “Problem?” button in the Settings screen to report it by email. Please describe in as much detail as you can think of – the more information you can provide, the better odds of it being solved quick.